The pandemic due to Covid:19 has made a lot of changes across the board on everything. I don’t know if there’s an easier way to say that, but there are some forms of normalcy happening here on the Front Range, thankfully. It looks like we’ll get a mulligan on Arbor Day.  

Accomplice Beer Company has teamed up, yet again with Rooted Cheyenne for some fun Friday, October 2nd for Accomplice Arbor Day Brew Fest! We’ll also be given a treat of a new beer from Accomplice, it will be a Bergamot Orange Wheat. Even better, 100 percent of the beer sales from this brew will go back to Rooted Cheyenne for their work on planting more trees and making Cheyenne nice and green. It’s a win/win. 

I asked Head Brewer, Victor Gabriel about the brew itself, since I’m a rube from Kentucky and had no earthly idea what a Bergamot Orange was. After a quick google search and explanation about bergamot oranges, I’m very ready for what was described as a smooth, non-bitter Bergamot Orange Wheat to hit my taste buds. Victor added that every year they team up with Rooted Cheyenne and pick a recipe from a tree. So this year, it’s Bergamot. The Bergamot Orange is what is used in Earl Grey tea.  

I feel super refined after learning this, and absolutely cannot wait to help celebrate Arbor Day with a nice brew, and, hey, it’s for the trees! 

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