Whew, getting this one under the wire. I almost slipped on getting up a beer review for the week. I would hate to do such a disservice to anyone by not having a beer for you to try. I feel like I would be a giant phony. Good thing I ran and drank a beer yesterday to get this information out to the masses.  

Enter Danielmark’s Brewing Company 

I’m a really big fan of English style beers, I’d put that on my resume. But one of my favorite beers to get is a good Irish Red. Danielmark’s does a fantastic job making one in their Old Regret. I get it almost every time. It’s well balanced and is very drinkable. It has a good kick to it with an ABV of 5.8, so you’ll want to drink it on a full stomach or while snacking. I’d suggest tacos from across the street, but that’s just me.  

Here’s how Danielmark’s describes Old Regret: 

Most people call me Old Regret, I'm named after a horse from one of my makers favorite movies. My friends call me Red, not sure why. I'm special because I overheard my maker tell someone I am his favorite. This is also why the others don't like me. 

My favorite part about Danielmark’s having Old Regret year-round is, most brewers just roll it out during March and say “Happy St. Patty’s Day”. This is a beer that should be celebrated year round. 

Fun Musings 

I absolutely love this venue for a brewery. It’s an older house converted into a brewpub. The patio is great and the place is dog friendly so my Brewpup in crime and I can enjoy ourselves.


As always, if you have a beer that I should review, let me know.   

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