As we gradually get use to the idea that everything in 2020 is toast for the year, and 2021 isn’t looking great, different companies are quick on the pivot to make things feel as normal as they can, and Sam Adams is no different. They’re also the heroes we didn’t know we needed, really, they should put Ol’ Sam in a Dark Knight costume.  

Anyways, Sam Adams has teamed up with Auntie Anne's to make sure we’re enjoying Oktoberfest at home at the very least. Check out what Give Them Beer is doing: 

Bring the taste of Oktoberfest home this season with the ultimate, limited-edition at home kit including pretzels, beer and party gear for four.

This kit includes: 

  • 6pk of Samuel Adams Octoberfest Beer 
  • Auntie Anne’s DIY Pretzel Kit (includes the ingredients to make 10 Pretzels) 
  • 4 Party Hats 
  • 4 Lederhosen-Style Bottle Coolers 
  • 4 Lederhosen Suspenders 
  • 2 1L Glass Steins 
  • Recipe Book with Oktoberfest-inspired dishes 

Snag one for your crew while supplies last! 

Whoa, that’s really not a terrible deal for 80 bucks! You get Lederhosen's, hats, steins? That stuff isn’t cheap, so they’re the real MVPs.  

If you’re hankering the real deal for an Oktoberfest celebration, don’t forget the fine people at Black Tooth Brewing in Cheyenne is having an Oktoberfest Celebration on September 26th. But, of course, why not both? You could also have your lederhosen ready and raring to go for Black Tooth’s celebration. They’ll have a couple German styles to enjoy in your newly purchased outfit, and hey, it’s ok if you can’t bake a decent pretzel.  

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