With the 4th of July coming up, it’s time to take a look at what fireworks are the most popular and what the most dangerous fireworks are. I went to Jill at Fireworks USA for a quick tour of the explosives we love on our country’s birthday.

We seem to get fireworks in our neighborhoods a few days before and a for few days afterwards, even though they are illegal in the city. Colorado depends on Wyoming to be its #1 source for illicit fireworks.

There are safe zones designated by law and safety should always be the watchword, but of course, there are always idiots who turn off common sense and risk the safety of others as well as their own. Here is what happens when you turn stupid up to 11.


Obviously, fireworks are best left to professionals, though even that is not a guarantee of safety. Alcohol should never be a part of fireworks fun. Stay safe.

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