Hey, it's Friday! Go ahead, get ready for casual Friday in the office, don't be afraid to flex in your Hawaiian tee-shirt, the Jimmy Buffet vibe is perfectly ok today. It's also going to be the last nice day we have for a few days, so really just enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Take a look at these trending stories that will make you the office hero at the water cooler.

Trending Locally

It's now legal to walk around Downtown Cheyenne with an open container. The Open Container Ordinance was put in place back in April and covers most of the Downtown Cheyenne area. You can now walk with a beer or win in a non-glass cup. This brings a whole new meaning to beer walk.

Chronicles Distilling in Cheyenne reopened their taproom after being closed for over a year. They're kicking off the holiday weekend with a Grand Reopening celebration with specials each day.

The 12th annual Neighbors Night Out is set to happen Thursday July 15th. The event is a "multiblock party that is to bring neighbors, police and businesses together to recognize and prevent crime."

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Trending Nationally

The latest teaser trailer for the new season of Cobra Kai dropped yesterday and it looks like they're bringing back an old enemy for Daniel and Johnny for Season 4. The character Terry Silver is prominently featured in the teaser.

If you loved the recent Joker film, good news, director Todd Phillips is working on the script for the sequel that wasn't planned when they made the first Joker. It looks like they'll have the band back together if rumors are true, let's hope it comes out before 2023.

The Friends reunion show was kind of a waste in my humble opinion, but the group did discuss a lot of fun topics to reminisce over. Including the monkey Marcel. Apparently David Schwimmer hated doing scenes with Marcel.

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