We made it to Friday. Get ready for your coworkers to come up to you and say, "Happy Friday, workin' hard or hardly workin'". I wish that guy would retire.

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The 90s film that connected the Millennial Generation to Gen X has released it's first trailer on Disney +. Any guesses? It's the Mighty Ducks reboot. Emilio is back, not sure what his role is going to be, other than old dude at an ice rink. But, I'm here for it. Mighty Ducks Game Changers is set to drop next month.

In an article from NPR, we've all been bamboozled. There's been an unidentified whale swimming around the Gulf of Mexico for who knows how long. It's apparently already endangered. They're also 40 feet in length, so I'm not sure how we've missed them for this long. You're next, Bigfoot.

Hall and Oates can't wait to get back on the road after their tour was cancelled last year, like every other tour. They'll kick off their 2021 tour in April. You wont have to rely on the old man's money to go to these shows, but I'm sure the seating wont be plentiful.

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What is Wyoming eating for the Super Bowl? It's not chicken wings, if you ask the website Delish. It's 7 Layer Dip. Yuck.

Nikki Sixx remains the best celebrity to move to the Cowboy State, has he recently donated one of his signed basses to MusiCares. Now we just need him to play some music for us, locally.

And finally, in a post on Facebook, The Cheyenne Little Theater announced they are holding auditions for their upcoming play, The Brave Little Tailor, on Feb. 15th.

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