It's super foggy out this morning, I've gotten accustom to there not being any humidity here. It's not so thick you can't see ahead of you, just foggy enough that you'll have to keep your windshield wipers on your whole drive to work or school this morning. Check out these trending stories to get you ready for your day.

Trending Locally

Among all the pools across Cheyenne ready to reopen, the new splash pad by the Downtown Depot is set to reopen Memorial Day weekend so the kids and get their splash on all summer.

Is Laramie a great College Basketball town? According to Wallethub, it's kind of meh. Out of 292 cities, Laramie ranked in at 149, so middle of the pack at best. If this were football, it would probably be much higher.

Get ready to bust out your work gloves and and help beautify Downtown Cheyenne with Downtown Cheyenne's "Downtown Community Clean Up And Planting Day" coming up this Saturday, May 22nd.

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Trending Nationally

If you were a fan of NBC's Park's And Recreation, you'll be excited to know that the fictional band from the show, Mouse Rat, is about to drop an album in August. The band is lead by Andy Dwyer, who was played by superhero Chris Pratt.

Lollapalooza is set to return to Chicago July 29th and the lineup was released yesterday to get us excited for a show, none of us will probably go to. But, hey, The Foo Fighters are headlining, so there's that.

R.L. Stine's book series, "Fear Street" is getting the Netflix treatment, as the streaming giant is set to release 3 full length movies based off the series, AND, they'll be R rated. Spooky.


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