Is it just me, or has this week blown by? I'm in full-on winter mode, so the only thing I look forward to throughout the week is College Basketball. Anyways, let's take a look at the headlines you really care about.

Trending Nationally

Is that my suite? That's what ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons said to himself, probably, on a recent episode of Pawn Stars. Gibbons was the "expert" on a Rhinestone jacket that just so happened to be his. He and show host, Rick Harrison both paid $20k for the suite to go to Antone's Blues Museum in Austin Texas.

Tennessee legislators are working on a bill to add a statue of Dolly Parton to the State Capitol grounds. Don't worry, it's not worthless government spending. They're asking for donations. Just gonna put this out there, Dolly is a national treasure, I'm sure they could use some of that speeding ticket or parking ticket money around Nashville.

A pet cat that had been assumed dead from a California mudslide three years ago, along with her owner, was turned into an animal shelter and the microchip revealed, she was not dead.

Trending Locally 

Wyoming was named, once again, the least populated state in America. We did it, guys! The map may say we came in at number 50, we're number 1 in our book!

Laramie County Grief Support Group is hosting Glow In The Dark Dodgeball. This sounds both fun and dangerous at the same time. Sign me up! It's for a good cause and you can peg someone with a dodgeball.

And finally, the wind blew yesterday. Up to 100 mph winds and I-80 was closed in parts of Wyoming. I will kick you in the shin if you say it's just a breeze.

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