Man, this week is flying by. I've settled down each evening this week rewatching Dexter on Amazon Prime. If you watched it, you'll also remember that the first 4 seasons were solid, then just fall off into, "what the heck am I watching." Anyways, here are some trending stories to start your day.

Trending Nationally

Jeopardy has announced some of their upcoming Guest Hosts for this new season. Some of the hosts include Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric and for some reason, Aaron Roger. Rogers better have kept his mustache, is all I'm saying.

Good news, Millennials, we did it! We didn't kill public transportation! Self high five! No go about your business in your new electric car.

Zack Snyder's Justice League Director's Cut finally got it's report card back and will be R rated. For some reason, that makes me want to actually watch a DC film now. Crazy how that works. You can catch all the action March 18th on HBOMAX.

Trending Locally

Wyoming ranked in 2020 as the state with the 8th most speeding tickets. That's right, 80 on 80 isn't enough for some! Put the heel to the steel, pedal to the medal, vroom, vroom. Maybe take it down a notch?

After shutting down back in December, Crowbar & Grill in Laramie announced yesterday on Facebook that they'll reopen on February 8th. They made it through their slow period and are ready to go now.

And finally, we have a new member of the family at Townsquare Media, 7220 Sports is now located just down the hall from my studio. I can go bother Cody Tucker at any time and find out anything and everything about the Wyoming Cowboys. Welcome, Cody and 7220.

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