This week has really gone by fast. We're coming up to an anniversary of something we don't want to celebrate, ya know when everything shut down. What a crazy year. Let's get you ready for work or socializing with these trending topics that everyone will want to know about, wherever you go.

Trending Nationally

If you were hoping that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier would be a multi-season series on Disney+, I've got some bad news for you. In a recent interview, star Anthony Mackie says there are no plans for a second season. This is fine, we don't want a buddy cop situation between the two when they run out of ideas.

Drinking Duff beer since 1989 and no sign of stopping, Homer Simpson and the gang have been signed up for another two seasons of the iconic show on FOX. Ok, but can we go ahead and have one season where Bart is in his 40s since that's how old he should be now?

According to Queen guitarist, Brian May, the late Freddie Mercury made a really cool cassette of all of May's guitar solos. He had basically pieced together all of the guitar solos in every session. The tape is lost, so I'm just hoping someone finds it and has their mind blown by sick riffs.

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Trending Locally

What would Wyoming's Superpower be? That's a really good question that Jess in the afternoon answered for all of us. She answered a survey for Wyoming and  Wyoming's Superpower is Super Strength. So strong.

Did it feel like was closed as much as it was open last month? It was, WYDOT released some I-80 closure numbers and announced that I-80 was closed 14 times last month. I think we can get that number higher.

And finally, a new production facility has moved to Cheyenne, Dr. Elsey's, a veterinarian-owned cat brand has planted its roots here. They specialize in kitty litter.


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