Do you think 2021 is going to be any different than 2020? I mean, obviously, it wasn't a flip of the switch when the clock struck midnight. Let's see what our fellow humans are doing across the country and locally. I've compiled a list of fun headlines that aren't too heavy, and make you lightly laugh under your breath.

Trending Nationally 

From the Ravalli Republic, a woman from Indiana decided to climb Mt. Rushmore. Specifically, George Washington. Now, I'm not sure how old George would feel about this, but the park ranger that caught her wasn't too pleased. Her reasoning? She knew she wasn't supposed to...She was fined $1,250. No word on how many calories she burned.

Making our way to the East, NECN reported that Massachusetts is looking to name a state dinosaur. Not sure that's what we should be putting energy toward in the new year, but oddly enough, in case you're wondering, Wyoming has a state dinosaur and it's a Triceratops, Colorado has the Stegosaurus. The lawmaker in charge wants to go with a dinosaur that none of us learned about in elementary school, the mighty Podokesaurus or the Anchisaurus. Cute.

NY Daily News reports that Florida wants to make boaters take classes before they're allowed to operate a boat. Seems logical. Apparently, reckless boaters are hitting and killing manatees. Didn't see that coming.

Trending Locally

A total lunar eclipse will be visible over Wyoming this spring. Mark your calendars for May 26th. With Wyoming's wide-open sky, this should be a site to see.

Laramie's Public Land Project at Pilot's Hill wins an award for the 2020 Project Of The Year By The Wyoming Planning Association. The Laramie Community helped raised over 1 million dollars toward Pilot Hill Park, which will open in summer 2021.

And finally, if you're looking to get hitched in the Cowboy State, you may want to avoid finding a potential suitor in Mills or Bar Nunn. They were recently listed as cities with the highest divorce rate.

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