Well, the snow is back, at least it's still kind of warmish outside. It sure was nice to have that one week of spring though. Oh well, I'll warm you up with some great trending stories to keep you updated on the other side of things happening in the world.

Trending Nationally

The Powerpuff Girls are back! Kind of, anyway. The CW is bringing the Cartoon Network show from the 90s that was canceled 15 years ago to life in a live-action series. They won't be children anymore, but 20-somethings coping with being superheroes when they were kids.

A New Hampshire school teacher was ice skating over the weekend and the ice broke beneath him, taking him into the freezing water. He didn't have his phone near him, but his Apple Watch noticed his breathing and he was able to activate it to call 911 to save his life. This is the one-time technology isn't trying to take us out.

Well, it looks like Disney owns everything, including huge streaming subscriber numbers. The entertainment giant now has over 100 million subscribers to their streaming service, Disney+, which isn't 2 years old yet.

Trending Locally

The Website Walllethub said we're really good at paying down our credit card debt here in Cheyenne. In fact, we're number 18 out of 180 polled cities in America. I'd like to think we're fiscally responsible.

According to the website Zippia, when Wyomingites are looking up job-related things on Google, we're mostly looking up the words "driving jobs" which is a lot better than some other states, like Oregon, they Google, "how to call in sick". Hope that's not on a work computer.

And finally, the Pokes start their post-season today as they take on San Jose St. at Noon today. Go Pokes!


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