Have you ever taken a short flight? I'm talking about a 45 minute, maybe a 1 hour flight? When I lived in Louisville, we would usually connect in Chicago and it would take around 45 minutes. Basically, as soon as you get up in the air, it was time to come down. This week has gone by so fast that we're at the point on our flight to Chicago where we're all the way up and the next two days, we'll try and land the plan to go into the weekend. Like that analogy? Check out these trending stories to get you through the morning.

Trending Locally

If you haven't talked to your Grandma recently, call her, and she'll probably tell you she saw on the Today Show that Wyoming showed up on a list of places that tourists need to visit this summer. They'll come up from all directions, kind of like the cicadas are doing out east.

If you hate wearing a seat belt, get ready to open your wallet, the Laramie County Sheriff's Office is telling everyone to "Click It Or Ticket/" with their campaign starting May 24th through June 6th.

Mr. Rogers would be so proud of Wyoming, according to RTA Outdoor Living, Wyoming clocks in as the 2nd best state for friendly neighbors.

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Trending Nationally

Two of the characters from School Of Rock have reconnected in life and are a real life couple. I'd go into detail who they are, but they weren't Miranda Cosgrove or any of the main characters. But still, good for them.

Gene Simmons of Kiss said when he first met Angus Young of AC/DC, Young was noticeably missing his front teeth. He assumed at that point in their career, he couldn't afford it.

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins dropped a trailer and the famously masked Snake Eyes, well, wasn't masked. And he talked. 80s kids settle down, it's an Origin Story, so he clearly wasn't born with a mask.

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