If there is something that 2021 is that 2020 wasn't, I'd say that's speedy. We blew through January and already made it 3 days into February. Come on, spring. Let's find the stories that'll make you the top talker at the water cooler.

Trending Nationally

A guy in Idaho, just won $250k on a scratch off, and it's not the first time he's won from playing the lottery. He's won 6 times. There's no word on how much his grand total is, but, I typically think people like that are in witness protection, so, maybe take it down a notch?

If you've been waiting for the studio version of Wicked to hit theaters, well, they haven't started filming yet. They also just now got their director. Jon M. Chu is taking the reins in what hopes to be a huge blockbuster in like 7 years when we're over Covid.

Wayne's World is Back! Kind of. They'll  be in the new Uber Eats commercial for the Super Bowl. Hopefully it shows them super rich after the end results of Wayne's World 2.

Trending Locally

Big news for Cheyenne Central Quarterback Andrew Cummins, as he's taking his talents to the University of Jamestown in North Dakota.

Cheyenne Civic Center is celebrating 35 years of Pixar starting March by showing the best of the best of Pixar with the first film, Toy Story, kicking off the series March 13th.

And finally, a huge donation was given to Black Dog Rescue Animal in the way of $50,000! It was by an anonymous donor, but we should all say thank you for their effort. That money will go a long way for the shelter.

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