Hi, my name is Mat, I’m a huge fan of German-style beers that we frequently drink in the fall time. I know you just said in your head, “Hi Mat”, but I’m serious, I mentioned it earlier this week, Marzen, Festbier and Altbiers just make fall better. It’s even better when you can get these tasty brews year-round, and what’s better than that? A year-round German “fall” beer that has won medals from the Great American Beer Festival? 

Enter Altitude Chophouse & Brewery 

The Altitude Altbier is like 100 chef kisses good. Actually, unlimited chef kisses good. If this Altbier were a person of the male gender, I would say, The Altitude Altbier is a bad, bad man, close to the mythos of Chuck Norris. It’s just that damn good.  

Enough lip service, their beer is so solid in general, but this may be, again MIGHT BE, my favorite beer in the Cowboy State. It is very smooth, has a great malty and bitter taste at the same time that just makes you want to refill your pint over and over. Here’s how Altitude describes it: 

Our take on the classic Dusseldorf Alt Beer, brewed in the Alstadt (old town) section of Dusseldort, Germany. A rich malty back bone is complimented with a firm bitterness and a slightly spicy / floral hop flavor. 5.5% ABV. 

Fun Musing 

I’m no stranger to a Sunday Funday or Saturday getaway to Laramie for a couple of brews. They make some good beer in that town, must be the elevation. Altitude Chophouse & Brewery is not only a brewery, but it has a really nice restaurant with, what my wife will tell you, the best Mac and Cheese she’s ever had, I swear, she’s almost 30.  

If you have any beers you think I should review, let me know. 

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