It’s no lie that one of my favorite activities in life is Sunday Funday. It really just helps squeeze the last bit of the weekend out in the best way possible. Usually, a good lunch and some drinks in the afternoon pass for a great time. This past Sunday Funday we went to Laramie. 

Enter Bond’s Brewing Company 

First off, this is one of the cooler brew rooms in the Cowboy State, the garage doors, the wide-open brew room where you can see their beautiful stainless-steel tanks, I’m a fan. They also do a great job with keeping their taproom clean and sanitized, they have tags on the tables, you sit down if it's green and flip it to red when you leave so they know to clean it. I appreciate their work on this. 

Anywho, their beer Rhuberry is really good, it’s a Strawberry/Rhubarb Fruit Ale, and man is it tasty 

Bond’s describes it as  

Welcome to the wild world of craft beer Rhuberry...Our rendition of a fruit ale brewed with fresh Rhubarb and Strawberries. This ale has a base of traditional family farm wheat, pilsner malt and loads of fresh berries. Rhuberry is a classic and a must-try for all. 

Some notes I made while enjoying the sunshine on their patio, is that it is tart, but not as sour and acidic that you’ll get heartburn like some sour beers tend to do. It is welcoming enough to your taste buds that non-sour or fruit beer fans can enjoy. Aside from how great it tastes; the color is beautiful. I’m not trying to put over this beer too much, but, man, this is probably my favorite beer I’ve had in Wyoming.  

Fun Musings 

This was one of the first breweries I sat down in when we moved to Laramie. The city had opened up restaurants and bars a week or so before Cheyenne did, so we made the trip over and fell in love with their beers. This place rocks. 

If you have any beer suggestions for me in the Wyoming area, let me know, I'll try them and review them. 

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