Weeks absolutely go by faster when you take Monday's off. I'm pretty sure that was written in a cave at some point, it's an old fable. Let's wrap up this week with the trending stories that will make you the office hero. Or, at least, kind of topical.

Trending Locally

Ever wanted to eat dinner in the dark? Me neither. Some crazy people in Denver think that that sounds like an excellent dinning experience with Pitch Black, Dinning In The Dark. It' takes place at a secret location in Denver and you'll eat your meal in a pitch dark room. Sounds terrible. Stay in Denver.

What town is the cheapest to live in in Wyoming? The website Homesnacks did some nerd work with the Census data and discovered that we should all be buying up land in Marbleton, Wyoming.

The first Sportsman's Expo is happening this weekend at the Events Center at the Archer. The Event will run today through Sunday with tons of vendors to check out from RV vendors to hunting supply vendors.

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Trending Nationally 

Starting off with some sad news, Arrested Development star, Jessica Walter passed away Wednesday in her home at the age of 80. Walter played the mother on Arrested Development and Archer.

A meteorologist in Alabama was doing wall to wall tornado coverage and the thing you never expect to happen to a local weatherman during tornado coverage happened. His home was hit by the tornado. His home didn't fare well, but his family was safe at a shelter.

And finally, if you're a huge National Treasure fan, good news as Disney+ has announced a series for their streaming service. No timeline has been set, the cast will be young, so, sorry, Nick Cage.


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