I got up this morning, was super pumped that it was Friday, opened the door to let the dogs out and my gate was unlatched and opened. I spent the last 20 minutes thinking we had a prowler. I texted my wife about it when I got to work and she got Doordash last night...Anyways, here are the trending stories for Friday.

Trending Nationally

You can thank Nandi, the 10 year old girl that was in a drum battle with Foo Fighter's front man Dave Grohl for the Foo Fighters releasing music in 2020, rather than holding off for a tour. Grohl said he realized he could release it without a tour and people would listen.

Ready for a new Dracula film? Me neither, but The Eternals Director, Chole Zhao, is planning to write, direct and produce a futuristic, western style Dracula. Honestly, I'm here for it.

A town in California is going to pay tourists to visit their town. Novel idea I guess. Visit Santa Maria Valley will pay you 100 bucks to stay two nights in a hotel in their town. The payment comes in a form of a voucher you use at restaurants, wineries and breweries in town. Always a catch.

Trending Locally

In a completely terrifying story, there have been two reports, one as recent as last year of the Dogman in Wyoming. We thought murder hornets were bad in 2020.

Governor Mark Gordon challenged Wyomingites to purchase 2,020 Wyoming Conservation license plates in 2020 and they hit their mark, raising around $300,000 in the process.

And finally, Big O Tires in Cheyenne raised $5,000 for Friday Food Bag. To help raise funds, they offered oil change vouchers for $35 donations.

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