What a busy weekend we had, it was filled with music, live events and celebrating Mom. Now, we're back to the grind and have to wait until next weekend for fun. I think we can make it, though, I believe in us. Check out these trending stories, so you can get the edge on your annoying, know it all coworker.

Trending Locally

Fridays On The Plaza is back starting June 4th, Friday afternoon they announced the 32 bands that will be giving us free shows all summer long on the Depot Plaza.

The Kids Bike Safety Rodeo and Slow Roll has been scheduled for Sunday, June 6th at the North Cheyenne Community Park. The event will aid local kids with equipment testing and skills tests.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne has upgraded the Winter Storm Advisory in Cheyenne to a Winter Storm Warning through Tuesday morning with the snow mostly melting and compacting.

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Trending Nationally

If you're going to watch a Super Hero film at this point, it better have a post credit scene for everyone to awkwardly stand and watch the screen as their trying to get the feeling back in their legs from sitting for 3 plus hours. It also has to be worth it. James Gunn recently teased that the upcoming Suicide Squad film will have multiple post credit scenes.

The upcoming Hulu series "Pam and Tommy" has released some behind the scenes pics of stars Sebastian Stan and Lily James as the title characters of the biopic series based on Tommy Lee and Pamala Anderson.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back, baby! The show raised $5.7 Million from Kickstarter to create a new season with 12 episodes and 12 shorts for their new website that will host the series.


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