Let's start off this new week on a foot, either one will work. I prefer the right one, since that's my dominant one, but hey, you do you.

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Phil Spector, you know the Beatles producer and the first big-time music producer, passed away in jail yesterday at the age of 81. In case you forgot, it was because he murdered people. Almost like the fame went to his head?

Betty White turned 99 years young over the weekend, and it recently came out in an interview with Avengers Star Anthony Mackie, that he met her, and she actually, kind of hit on him. Or at least did the old, if I were blank years younger. Mackie didn't care, he said he's for it, he loves Golden Girls.

Late rocker, Eddie Van Halen is getting his own mural in Hollywood. The mural is set to be unveiled on January 26 at the Guitar Center in Hollywood if you'd like to get a selfie there...and drive to California.

Trending Locally

The 4th annual Valentines Day Cookie Drive is kicking off next month to show appreciation for Airmen living in the dorms at Warren Airforce Base. You can donate cookies from a local bakery, or homemade.

In a new sightings report, Bigfoot sightings have been somewhat common in the Fort Collins area since the 70s, the most recent being in 2019 on Storm Mountain near Drake. If I were a Bigfoot, I'd be hanging out at a brewery in Fort Collins, no one would question it.

And finally, those party poopers in the Laramie County Sherriff's office remind everyone that, yeah, it's cold, but you can't leave your car unattended. That'll net you a ticket. So do like I do and just carve out your viewing spot on your windshield. It's fine.

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