Let's start this week off better than last, can we?

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Let's start off with some good news. In an article by the Washington Post, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, animal shelter adoptions are up. So much so, that shelters are running out of pets. That's good, right, with some shelters reporting double the amount of interest. Let's get those big woofers some homes.

Happy Birthday to the term Robot. Or at least, happy 100 years of being a term for the programmed being that is set to destroy and take over us all. That's Tesla, right?

A family in Indiana recently bought a home that hasn't been updated since the 1970s. What's the smartest thing to do after buy said home? Dress up in some groovy thrift store clothes and do a photoshoot. The house does look awesome and frozen in time, I'll give them that. Never update.

Trending Locally

According to the website Zippia, Cheyenne is the best city in Wyoming to get a job in 2021. This is pretty awesome news if you're looking for a fresh start in the new year. Here's how they determined it.

The best job market is more than just low unemployment– it means an area with high-paying jobs, growing opportunities, and reasonable cost of living so that high paycheck is buying more than a cardboard box.

Good news if you're wanting to feel safe from spooky stuff in Wyoming and bad news if you're into said spooky stuff. Wyoming was recently ranked 45th in the country in terms of Scariest States. We must keep our Bigfoots hidden well.

And finally, the Boys and Girls Club has postponed their annual Chili Cookoff that was to be held this month to May of this year. They attribute the postponement due to restrictions on indoor events and capacity.

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