We're super close to finishing off this week, Fridays on the Plaza is just within reach, get your party pants on. It's going to be awesome! You just need to get through today and most of tomorrow. These trending stories will help you make that climb to the weekend.

Trending Locally

The hot item being stolen by thieves in Wyoming isn't something shiny, more so, covered in dirt and carbon. They're now stealing catalytic converters off vehicles using a grinder. More than two dozen have been removed recently.

With temperatures rising all across the west, a deadly reminder has come up after a women died hiking the Grand Canyon in 115 degree heat. People are being asked, if it's too hot, don't hike.

A Laramie high school volleyball player is trying to earn her opportunity to play in the Under Armor All-American Game. Alexis Stucky was one of 150 players invited to try out for the honor.

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Trending Nationally

Sad news for Pop Punk fans as Blink 182 founder and bassists, Mark Hoppus announced he is battling cancer. He stated that he still has months of treatment ahead, but is in great hands.

Jerry Seinfeld has teamed up with Netflix for his latest film that he's basing on his old stand up routine on Pop-Tarts. He'll direct, produce and star in the upcoming film titled Unfrosted.

In what seems like a reoccurring theme for Harrison Ford getting injured on sets of sequels to movies that he's been attached to for 40 plus year. Harrison Ford was injured on the set of Indiana Jones 5, this time, he injured his shoulder.

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