Did this week feel like it kind of flew by for anyone else? Maybe I'm busy, who knows. Let's take a look at the real trending stories you should care about.

Trending Nationally

If you're thinking that you're a Wizard, Harry, you're in luck. There is a magically themed Harry Potter cabin in North Carolina that you can throw back some butter beer in. Or not.

If you're clamoring to get back to a movie theater in much more normal standards, Director Paul Greengrass recently said that he thinks we'll be back in movie theaters in six months.

Joe Exotic from Tiger King fame, to his own surprise was not pardoned yesterday by President Trump. He went on to say,

I was too innocent and too GAY to deserve a Pardon from Trump.

Trending Locally

The Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra is back in action this weekend, doing shows at 2 and 7:30pm at the Cheyenne Civic Center. If you're worried about being safe during the performance, don't worry, there are safe Covid guidelines.

African Penguins in the Denver Zoo are on the move. Kind of. They're set to be relocated to another part of the Zoo, closer to other African species. The interesting part is they're going in the Benson Predator Ridge. Which is interesting, considering they'll be next to Lions, wild dogs and hyenas, who would potentially eat African penguins if they had the chance....Just putting that out there.

And finally, Casper, was named as a city that has the most people moving out of it in a recent study by Homesnacks. Losing an average of over 400 people per year, they rank first in the Cowboy State.

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