Well, yesterday wasn't so bad, now was it? Let's dig in and see what we have going on in the world today.

Trending Nationally

Deadpool 3 is coming back, will stay R-rated AND be part of the MCU. I think that's three wins for us if you're counting at home. I'm just here for some great cameos. Maybe make Deadpool the head Avenger? Who knows. The bad news? It won't be out until probably 2023 since there are no plans to film this year.

Did you love KITT from Knight Rider? I mean, it's Mr. Feeney, so how couldn't you? He was the best part of the show, and now, you can own him! The car, not Mr. Feeney. You'll have to pinch pennies to get it, though, it's going for a cool $475,000 right now.

A guy in Ohio named Rock was told to not play his music loud. That's a lot to unpack, I know. This guy that's last name is Rock, was listening to music, loud and singing. His neighbor did not appreciate it, so he called the cops. When they arrived, they asked Rock why he was being a jerk. His response?

 you can’t play Led Zeppelin quietly

What a legend.

Trending Locally

Well, it was bound to happen. Colorado State University made a new discovery on snakes. Apparently, they're better at climbing than we ever thought and that is not something I needed to know today or any day. They're looking at tree snakes that were introduced on accident somewhere that isn't here, thankfully.

Wyoming Rivers will be lower when spring hits according to USDA, due to the drought we've had for what seems like all 8 years of 2020. So, maybe don't belly flop in the North Platte this spring without checking out how deep it is.

And finally, Wyoming ranks as the 26th best state to raise a family in a recent study done by Wallethub. I mean, it's the middle of the pack, which is what most here in Wyoming want, right? Don't move here? See, I'm a local now.

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