We had a pretty busy Monday for trending stories, which is good. I mean, it makes it a lot easier for you to flex on your coworkers with your trending knowledge, especially when I have plenty of stories to share with you. It's a win/win. Here are the trending stories to get you going this morning.

Trending Locally

Outlaw Saloon has announced shows for their Cheyenne Outlaw Days during Frontier Days with artists that include Love and Theft and Wyoming natives. They'll have 10 bands playing over 10 days.

The 2021 Cheyenne Day Of Giving was a huge success last week with organizers of the event saying that they received a record amount for donations with over $6,000 worth of donations to help out local nonprofits.

In a study by the Business.org, Wyoming ranks in as the 35th most overworked state in the country, clocking in at just over 40 hours per week. That must be why everyone seems so laid back. Though, it seems like that number is off for a lot of occupations in the Cowboy State.

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Trending Nationally

AT&T has decided they want out of the content game and have set a deal to spin off Warner Brothers to Discovery, which would make one of the largest content companies in the world, combining HBOMAX and Discovery+.

Kurt Cobain's hair is trending as some weirdos sold locks of his hair for over $14,000 bucks. Apparently weirdo in England cut his hair back in the 90s, kept it until Kurt Cobain died, gave it to another weirdo for a while, then to another weirdo who had a Guinness World Record for hair and now sold to another weirdo for 14 grand. Gross.

And finally, after 15 years, Disney's Enchanted, is getting a sequel that will go straight to Disney+ in 2022. Regarded as the Scream of Disney Princess movies, the sequel will be called Disenchanted.


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