Let's roll into Tuesday. It's been kind of quiet so far, so let's see if we can rattle out a few stories to peak your interest.

Trending Nationally

Gen Xers and Millennials alike were hit with a feeling of sadness after Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on Saved By The Bell, passed away after a short battle with Stage 4 Lung cancer.

Netflix is in the business of making great documentaries that we all talk about. They're also jumping on the Game Stop Short Squeeze story from last week. Talk about getting a head start on a brand new story. Not sure how they'll get a full documentary out of it, but have at it.

The new Matrix film set to release in December has a name now that's supposedly leaked, are you ready for The Matrix Resurrections? I'll watch it, but I don't know if I'll be as excited about it as I was when the first 3 came out.

Tending Locally

If you're looking for love this Valentines, you might want to look across the border as Wallethub has Wyoming ranked as one of the worst states to date if you're single. Coming in at 43rd, which isn't the worst, but, maybe take a weekend trip out of state if you're trying to find a special someone.

What's Wyoming's favorite TV show? That's something that could be debated heavily, but according to a new study by Zippia, we love The Crown. If it were only The Crow and talking about movies, I'd feel apart of this.

And finally, Jess has up some easy snack recipes for this Sunday's Big Game that you'll want to share at your party.

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