Do you ever have random highlights of your week, they come and go so fast that you're a little disappointed they're already over? I'm that way with college basketball. My alma mater, Louisville, played last night, and I was really excited about it. Now, I'm just kind of coasting, ready for the next game. Come on, Spring.

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If you're ready for a fresh story on Disney+ and not something that's been told over and over, rebooted, and remade, then you're in luck! A Magic Kingdom series is in the works, with the storyline after the attraction.

Speaking of new and fresh show ideas, Peacock is working on a live-action version of Frogger. It's said to be a "physical competition" series. If it's not as good as Fear Factor, they should just stop.

Something I didn't see coming, Axl Rose is set to be in a new episode of Scooby Doo. From what I can tell, they fight Mud Men together or figure out the mystery. I don't know what Scooby and the gang do these days.

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What's Wyoming's favorite tortilla chip dip? I'd say queso because you can't turn your back on a classic, but, according to the website Zippia, Wyoming is team salsa, with guac coming in second.

A Laramie County Sherriff's K-9 was a very good boy last week and made 3 drug busts. The good boy's name is Arie.

And finally, our friends over at have their first podcast up and ready for you to consume, titled The Roaring Repeater Podcast.


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