Was snow in the forecast for this morning? I don't recall seeing anything about having to knock a half inch of snow off my car this morning. I'm not saying it was bad, just, well, I didn't want to go outside earlier than I had to. Wyoming problems.

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Well, it looks like two movies are racing to be the first Wizard Of Oz film to hit theaters. It was announced that a reimagined "Wonderful Wizard Of Oz" is in the making, while "Toto: The Dog-Gone Amazing Story Of The Wizard Of Oz" an animated film, is also racing to theaters.

In a very Florida story, a passerby of a Florida Wendy's decided to throw a brick through their window because they no longer sell Cinnabon. Classic Florida.

Pedro Pascal is set to star in the film adaptation of the video game, "The Last Of Us". This series will air on HBO.

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Local breweries and wineries can breathe a sigh of relief as Governor Mark Gordon signed a bill into law yesterday, allowing them to do things from pouring beer outside to selling directly and delivering to customers.

University of Wyoming Football welcomed a new member to their coaching staff, Tim Polesek was named the new Offensive Coordinator. It's a win-win situation for the Cowboys as he has ties to coach Craig Bohl.

And finally, Cheyenne welcomed a new bakery downtown, The Gathering Bakery II opened yesterday off Carey Ave.

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