Welcome to Summer! I mean, in the sense that we consider it Summer now, not by the official changing of the season, that's later this month. But, if you ask anyone, it's Summertime now, Memorial Day Weekend is the official marker for the Summer kickoff. So, go ahead, bust out those Bermuda shorts! You deserve it. Here are the trending stories to get you going this morning.

Trending Locally

The local AMC Classic Frontier 9 has quietly closed, if you go to their website, it directs you to AMC's website and tells you the theater is now Permanently Closed and that they look forward to seeing you at another AMC theater. We'll get right on that.

Buzzfeed picked one incredible thing to eat in each state, Wyoming's was...interesting. It's a bacon and peanut butter waffle from some place in Jackson, so they should really have to do this over since that's not really Wyoming.

Josh Allen hosted a pizza party for a school in Buffalo and the kids wrote thank you letters to the former Wyoming Quarterback. One kid decided it was his time to shine and also ask for Buffalo to beat the Steelers this year.

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Trending Nationally

Everyone's favorite small screen serial killer, Dexter is coming back, and as far as we can tell from the teaser trailer out, he has a new name. This fall we'll meet, checks notes, Jim Lindsey.

A punk rock show in Florida is trying to push people off the fence about getting vaccinated as they are charging 999 dollars for those not vaccinated to get into their show and 18 dollars for vaccinated punk rockers.

Emma Stone recently told MTV that the rumors are incorrect and she is not going to be in the next Spider-Man film as a different dimension version of her character. She shouldn't have to answer those questions, I mean, she just released Cruella, ask her about that, that movie is great.

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