Here are some lighter stories to start off your morning.

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With WandavVision dropping this week, Marvel was pretty comfortable saying how far out the Marvel Universe has been planed and that will take up to 2026. What Marvel is saying, is, there are puzzle pieces that we don't even know about yet, that are starting to roll into motion. Bring it.

Nickelodeon broadcast their first-ever football game on Sunday, which, why the Bears? But, they also dropped their first F-Bomb on air. You could hear it as the announcers were going over some Nickelodeon graphic. Raise your hand if you're surprised that happened.

A cave recently discovered under a St. Louis MO park that hadn't been entered since the 1800s was believed to once hold barrels of ale. So a beer cave. An original beer cave? Anyways, it was a hopping place back in the 1800s, it was even a community gathering place. Probably because of the beer kegs. They want to get access to the cave, but probably not for storing beer. Bummer.

Trending Locally

Vegas Baby! I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, Allegiant Air will have flights from Wyoming to Vegas in Summer 2021. Bad news, it's in Jackson Hole. Lame.

Friday's On The Plaza returns in 2021 and they're looking for Food Vendors! Let's get back to being normal, and tell your food vendor friends to make something good!

And Finally, today is the day, Grandpa's Downtown Pizzeria will reopen today at 11 am. Get it by the slice, or by the box, as long as you get it. Welcome back!

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