Mid week blues got you down? Maybe some not newsy stories will help you push your way through the middle of the week? Or, you'll learn something fun? That sounds cool, right?

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So I'm not saying time travel is possible, BUT, someone put the Cookie Monster in a rock. There was a dig in Brazil and they found this rock, once they opened the rock, it looks just like the Cookie Monster inside. It feels fake, but it isn't. This must be the first gift of 2021.

If you're ready for a full length Marvel film to hit theaters, well, you have some time to wait. BUT, the new Thor film, "Thor Love And Thunder" has begun filming in Australia. I'll be honest, the movie graphics for this have an 80s feel. We should stop going back to the 80s in superhero movies, maybe?

If you remember the Beatles cartoon series, you'll be sad to know, the man behind the animation passed away at the age of 81. Ron Campbell, was responsible for the animation for both the Beatles cartoon and Yellow Submarine.

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A YouTube video calls out Jackson Wyoming, calling it "Wyoming's Billionaire Wilderness". I mean, sure, this isn't Earth shattering, but it's still fun to hate on Jackson, amirite?

Congrats to the Wyoming Education Services, it was reported yesterday that Wyoming is on a 7 year Graduation rate increase. This is pretty awesome to consistently have that much growth. Especially after having to finish off the school year online.

And finally, according to a fraud of a survey from Zippia, Wyoming is the 41st least liked state, which you would think would be something to cheers over. Colorado came in 50th. Somehow, this company doing research neglected to ask a Wyomingite how they felt about their neighbor to the South.

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